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If you don't see the car you want? Don't worry we can help you find it! We have access to Japaneses auctions with a wide variety of JDM cars. We are also in direct contact with an associate in Japan to help make the process easy and smooth.


The Process

  • Tells us what car you are looking for and your budget.

  • We will go through the auctions and talk with our associate to help find the best match. After going through all the best picks we will then send you the list to review. You can also search yourself and send us any you find.

  • You will go through the list and and auction sheet (this sheet will have basic pictures and information on the car)

  • Once you pick the car you want, we will then place a bid on it. Please be aware that it doesn't guarantee you will win the car you bid on.

  • If won at auction you will then be given the breakdown cost. There will be TWO payments. The first payment will be the deposit made right after winning the auction. The deposit includes the price of the car, shipping, tax, duties and Japan's fee.

  • Our associate then picks up the car from the auction house and inspects it, takes pictures and videos of it running and sends it to us.

  • The car will then be loaded onto a cargo ship and insured for its journey to one of the Florida's ports.

  • Once it has arrived in Florida, we set up a pick up date and have the car delivered to us. We then look over the car and get it inspected. We take care of all the paperwork including titling, registration, and the US legalization of your vehicle.

  • When everything is done you make the final payment which includes transportation, cost of filing paperwork and our fee. Once final payment has been made you can come pick up your car or schedule a tow truck delivery.


Need To Know

  • All cars must be 25 years old or older to meet United States Import Laws.

  • Pre-order cars cannot be financed as there are two payments. First payment must be paid directly after wining the bid and the second when picking up the car.

  • You are buying an AS IS car. We try and get as much information, pictures and videos as we can but remember we are just the mediator and importer. We are not responsible for the condition of the car.

  • All cars are titled in Florida but can be transferred to other states easily.

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